Are you tired of feeling the pressure to wax your lady-garden within an inch of its smooth Barbie-esque life? Thought so Truth is, most of us are.
Isn't there a secret part of you that wish porn didn't exist and that your little lady wook could roam free and happy once more?

This is where Pocket Wookie can help you neo-hippie bush-loving babes own your own vaginas once more.
We give you a whole host of jazzy, London-based ideas for your hair down there so that whatever vibe you're feeling, we can cater to it (just like London itself, but London in your pants) Makes sense right? So have fun and stop ripping out your womanhood yeah!

A little bit about where Pocket Wookie came from...

Pocket Wookie is a pubic movement created entirely out of three wonderfully weird lady-minds whilst on a Skandi tour of Copenhagen. We all admitted to rocking a bit of a wook down there like it was some kind of alien parasite latching on to our privates to make us feel less feminine and more awkward. When in fact the humble Pocket Wookie is one of nature's finest female creations and a canvas to express your inner most self. We fake everything nowadays, from eyelashes to hair to nails and that is now entirely acceptable. But pre American porn stereotype of 'bald is better' people used to fake their own pubic hair because they realised how awesome that was. We're not saying bring back the merkin, but we are saying bring back a choice.

The choice to rock a wook without judgement or fear.

    Main Wook

Pick your wook look

Choose your Pocket Wookie steez out of the six options below. Don't think too hard about it, just vibe off one of them and go for it.

Work it

Grow it, style it, work it. Pocket Wookie is all about sistahs just rolling with the flow so whatever you have down there, be proud and werk.

Be inspired

Don't be limited by our suggestions, go and be experimental. You don't even have to stop at London boroughs- you can be as regional as you like e.g. The Macclesfield. Let your imaginations roam free

WhatPocket Wookie will you wear?

The Old Street

Every man in Old Street is about the facial hair- you can't move for beards. SO LADIES it's time to take this on for yourselves and rock a trendy East London Wook. This Wook Look is a traditional look, big bold and bushy.

The Peckham

The Peckham can go one of two ways. Think of an undercut vibe which can look in equal measures sexy and aggressive and you're pretty close. Think cool, edgy and slightly rough around the edges for a Peckham inspired pubic space

The Chelsea

Sleek, polished and groomed into an 80's Sloaney Pony. This style is for the sophisticated sistah who likes the finer preens in life.

The Borough

Borough is a personal favourite for the Wook team and is the exact template of the Chicken Cottage logo. One of fans of fried chicken and lax morality.

Ready to do something?